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Why should we withhold natural bentonite, nature’s gift from us, from our cats… Cat’s White is the cat litter that is indispensable for all cat lovers with its high odor and liquid absorbent properties, produced from natural bentonite, which is extremely important for the health of cats.

Bentaş Cat's White®
White Bentonite Cat Litter

Cat’s White, which has the most preferred grain size, is structurally round like a snowball, not flat like other products. It has a high liquid absorption capacity.

It clumps in 5 seconds and provides a hygienic environment. Thanks to the natural montmorillonite mineral in its structure, it traps bad odor to the maximum.

It completely eliminates problems such as sludging and sticking to the paw. Provides 99.5% dust-free with activated carbon, perfumed and odorless varieties.

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