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Really good
cat food.

Really good cat food.

Sanabelle “…really good CAT FOOD” is a well-rounded nutrition program for all the needs of your furry friends. With unique recipes combined with high meat content and the deliberate avoidance of gluten-containing grains, Sanabelle “…really good CAT FOOD” ensures exceptional approval and compatibility.

High Premium Cat Food

In beautiful Baden-Württemberg, nestled in lush green meadows, golden fields and deep forests, we produce the highest quality pet food. The focus of our actions is the well-being and health of your pet.

We rely on the highest quality raw materials for the production of our products. Every day, more than 700 employees use the most modern production and packaging systems to refine scientifically based recipes with diverse and excellent raw materials, making them highly digestible and acceptable.

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Cat Support Products and Treats

Sanabelle Snacks are short-cut, grain-free snacks with a very high meat content. Due to the high moisture content (approx. 15%), the snacks are very soft and exceptionally appealing. They contain Yuka extract and an extra serving of Taurine.

Made with fresh poultry and gluten-free grain, Sanabelle snacks are the ideal treat for our friends – in the form of special croquettes and tailored to their different needs. Every day you can reward your cat with up to 40 g of our snacks (equivalent to two packs).

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