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Cat’s Favorite

The cat litter and cat food, which we collect under the VanCat brand, continue to be indispensable for millions of cat lovers. All cat litter is made from a special type of bentonite that is rare in the world and extracted in our country. The cat food formulated by expets meets the nutritional needs of cats while successfully appealing to their sensitive palates.

Bentaş VanCat®
White Bentonite Cat Litter

VanCat, which has been granted the Brand of the Year award two years in a row, is produced from a very special type of bentonite, which is very rare in the world and extracted in Turkey.

To provide the most effective solution for different needs, it has been processed and shaped to provide optimum agglomeration in varying granule sizes. Especially the activated carbon series traps odor to the maximum and provides hygiene.

From cats with odor sensitivity to long-haired or playful cats, one of our product range, which we produce based on the comfort of our friends as well as their families, is definitely for you!

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Bentaş VanCat®
Super Premium Cat Food

It is enriched with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that our dear friends need for a healthy, fit and active life. It supports the immune system with its prebiotic fibers and helps to optimize digestion.

With its special grain structure, it helps prevent tartar and the Omega 3 and Omega 6 content provides a very important support for a healthy skin and fur.

It is an ideal super premium cat food with its dense fiber structure that facilitates the dissolution and removal of hairballs that can sometimes block the digestive system of cats.

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