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Far Beyond

Far Beyond Standards


The White Sand series, which raises the standards in cat litter, is produced with new generation technology from a very rare and qualitatively valuable type of natural bentonite mineral. The White Sand® cat litter series, which you can find in exclusive veterinary clinics and specialty pet stores, promises a comfortable, unique experience for both you and your cat, far beyond your expectations.

Bentaş White Sand®
White Bentonite Cat Litter

White Sand, which will make you forget about what you know about cat litter with its raw material and production quality, is produced from a special type of natural bentonite mineral that is very rare in the world and found in Turkey. It is processed with new generation technology, thus providing 99% dust-free, maximum odor trapping and maximum hygiene.

In addition to its activated carbon formula, it offers you and your cat comfort far above the standards with different granule structures that provide extra clumping for playful cats or prevent sticking to the paws of long-haired cats, and an odorless option for cats with sensitive noses.

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Thanks to our patented opening system developed as a result of long R&D studies, dust caused by the friction of sand particles while pouring is minimized.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed opening system, the box can be opened easily with one hand.

White Sand is poured at the same speed and rate. Since the pouring part is opened from the inside out, the dust on the sand surface is kept inside the package.