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We respect the
generosity of nature.

We have 100 million tons of reserves in 7 different mines.

Ordu - Unye, Calbogaz Bentonite Mine
Operating Permit and License

(3051,25 Hectare)

Ordu - Kumru Bentonite Mine
Operating Permit and License

(1472,59 Hectare)

Ankara - Kızılcahamam, İğdir
Diatomite Mine Operating Permit and License

(702,60 Hectare)

We have the licenses of very rich mine fields in the coasts of the Black Sea,
where highest quality calcium bentonite deposits are present.

Bentonite is the most important clay mineral among the clay mineral reserves formed in nature and is classified as calcium characterized and sodium characterized in terms of its properties.

In our country, which is the world leader in terms of bentonite mineral reserves, a significant part of the calcium white bentonite reserves are located in our region (Ünye, Fatsa, Ordu) and approximately 60% of these reserves are under the care of our company. Calcium white bentonite reserves with high absorption capacity in the region are processed in the production and packaging facilities of our company, which is established on an area of approximately 30.000 m² in Fatsa OSB campus, and the world’s highest quality cat litter is produced from 100% natural bentonite and exported from here.

As a matter of fact, Bentaş Bentonit A.Ş. has approximately 10 million tons of white bentonite reserves in a total area of 6,400 hectares in 3 different licenses in the region. Our company meets its raw material needs from 5 different quarries in the relevant fields with operating licenses owned by itself or its subsidiaries. On the other hand, our company is in cooperation with local mineral producers and has increased its raw material and related product diversity by supplying raw materials from a total of 9 different quarries with the purchase agreements it has made. Therefore, apart from cat litter production, our company also produces micronized bentonite for the ceramic sector and other similar sectors.

On the other hand, Nanotech A.Ş., which we own 70% of shares, was established in 2018 as a diatomite production and packaging facility on an area of 7,000 m² in the industrial campus in Ankara/Kahramankazan district. In the relevant facility, production activities for cat litter along with the products for industrial sectors continue. The company has approximately 30 million tons of white diatomite reserves in the relevant region.

Also, KB Bentonit Ltd. which we own 70 of shares, was established in 2019. The first part of the drilling works carried out in the field with bentonite exploration license of the relevant company has been completed and approximately 2.5 million tons of bentonite reserves have been identified. In this field, which is a potential project site, there is gray, green and blue calcium reserves of semi-sodium character and white calcium reserves. In addition, thee has also been identified a high amount of pumice, known as good quality block pumice raw material, within the boundaries of the mine site.

In addition to bentonite and diatomite mines, our company has silica sand (quartz sand) raw material with a total reserve of approximately 61 million tons in two separate operating licensed sites in Ladik district of Samsun province, gypsum with a reserve of approximately 2 million tons in two operating licensed sites in Vezirköprü district of Samsun province, and black granite marble (grano diorite) sites with a reserve of approximately 7 million m³ in Nebiyan district of Samsun province.

Bentaş Bentonit A.Ş., a well-established mining company with completely national and domestic capital, carries out mineral exploration and operation activities with a solid infrastructure, a team of experts in the field, focusing on R&D and innovation and respecting the nature in accordance with the laws as in the motto of Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK’s “The development of a nation depends on the utilization of underground riches”.