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We do not leave quality to chance.

500 tons of production per day, 6 different analyses for every ton of product, 3.000 analyses in 24 hours…

Our Research and Development laboratory work for increasing the present efficiency of products even more and developing new products. Our quality control department checks production all the time and guarantees its compliance with required quality parameters and production at high quality level.

Liquid Absorption Capacity Analysis

Our criteria is minimum 280% in the Westing House test that we perform for determining the liquid absorption capacity of cat litter. In other words, you may detain 280 g of liquid in 100 g of litter. Besides, this criteria reaches up to 330% with the special products we produce.

Flocculation Analysis

We test the weight and fragility of clump formed based on the liquid absorbed by our clumping cat litter. The target is reaching maximum 60 g of clump weight with a liquid of 20 ml and this value for our cat litter is between 55 and 57.

Moisture Analysis

Although the acceptance criterion for moisture in the cat litter we produce is 10%, we manage to keep it by 8%. By producing products with lower moisture content, we increase the water absorption capacity and we do not sell water to our customers.

Ph Value Analysis

Furthermore, we analyze the Ph value, granule size and volume intensity all the time. One liter of our cat litter is 850 g in average. In consideration that the intensity in equivalent cat litter in Europe is 1liter = 1,1 kg, we ensure huge economy in purchases based on liter.

Bulk Intensity Analysis

Granule Size Analysis